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If you are a webmaster and have a website of your own, you can earn money with your website and our affiliate programs:
" - Get paid for UK surveys".

Country restriction for affiliate program: UK and Germany only!

We have affiliate programs for Germany only. The German language version has information for the German program.

If you have a survey recruitment site with visitors from other countries or worldwide, it is not suitable: We would not confirm the leads of visitors located in other countries. Please make sure that you understand this and do not apply if you own a site that would send us traffic from any other countries in volume.

UK in-house affiliate program: 1.50 EURO per lead (~1.22 GBP)

Our in-house affiliate program for UK (1.50 EURO per lead) is currently in testmode, and the application form is not yet linked on this page. You receive 1.50 EURO per lead (~1.22 GBP). We offer PayPal (worldwide) or Bank/Wire Transfer (only UK sterling and EURO zone bank accounts).

Affiliates outside the EURO zone (e.g. UK affiliates having a sterling account at their local bank) receive the money in their local currency at the current exchange rate. Payout will occur approx. once per month at a minimum of 25 EURO lead commissions.

Please ensure that your promotional methods comply with the Terms and Conditions of our custom affiliate program.

New applications for our custom UK partner program are currently not possible.
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Existing Affiliates login to the affiliate program console:
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Why becoming affiliate?
For your website visitors registering is quick and easy (it only takes about 1 minute) and also completely free of charge. Your conversion rate is therefore likely to be very high (35%).

People who register at receive online surveys from market research companies and receive payments for their participation. There is no need to collect coupons, vouchers or points, instead the credit will be paid out in GBP using the members sterling bank account.

We ONLY allow classic website promotion. NOT allowed are all other kinds of promotion, like newsletter, email, SEM/SEO or mobile advertisement. We only accept affiliates who already have a topic or section "paid surveys" on their websites, and where other programs recruiting for online survey panels are already listed.

We do NOT want any incentives (like cash back) given for registering in our panel in whatever form: Registration shall be only motivated by the will to become a member of our survey panel.

Affiliate programs in other countries

100 Euro 50 Pound Sterling
100 US Dollar

We currently have affiliate programs in Germany, but NOT for other English or German speaking countries. If you host a German website dealing with paid surveys, please switch the language setting to German for getting more information about our affiliate program for Germany.

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